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2012 Accomplishments

Trails & Carriage Roads

  • Supported the construction of the Kebo Brook Connector Trail and Gorge Path restoration, with Acadia Trails Forever funding and over a thousand hours of labor by the Acadia Youth Conservation Corps and dozens of volunteers led by FOA field crew leaders
  • Inaugurated the Duck Brook Connector Trail, providing better access for pedestrians and bicyclists to the popular Witch Hole Pond carriage roads from Bar Harbor’s Route 3 corridor
  • Granted $240,000 for maintenance of Acadia’s carriage roads and $454,000 for restoration, construction, and maintenance of Acadia’s hiking trails

Tomorrow’s Stewards

  • Hired four high-school-aged interns and one college-aged leader for the Acadia Youth Technology Team, who field tested technology projects—including time-lapse photography in the Wild Gardens of Acadia and video equipment for enhanced peregrine falcon observation—designed in the previous year of this innovative, youth-powered think tank
  • Partnered with Acadia National Park to organize the 5th year of the Acadia Quest, which has encouraged 545 teams of kids and their families to try new experiences in Acadia since its start in 2008
  • Supported Acadia’s Ridge Runner program for the 15th year, hiring four young adults to serve as roving ambassadors, assisting and informing visitors and helping with cairn maintenance on Acadia’s hiking trails

Preserve & Protect

  • Generated $270,000 in grants to land protection partners, making a major step toward the purchase of a conservation easement to protect in perpetuity lands bordering Acadia’s Schoodic District
  • Inaugurated the first phase of the Acadia Gateway Center in Trenton, giving the successful Island Explorer bus fleet a permanent home in a Gold LEED-rated maintenance and administration facility
  • Co-funded the Pond House Express, a pilot of a new Island Explorer route aimed at reducing auto congestion at the Jordan Pond House
  • Joined with 46 other organizations in a nationwide coalition to protect America’s national parks from funding cuts


Jordan Pond from South Bubble

1991-1996: Raised $3.4 million endowment to maintain the park’s 44-mile carriage road system in perpetuity

1997: Led negotiations to avert a clear-cut on 1,600 acres adjacent to park’s Schoodic District

1998: Achieved, with the park, a first-in-nation jet-ski ban on all ponds inside a national park

1999: Co-developed and co-funded the fare-free, propane-powered Island Explorer bus system

1999-2001: Raised $13 million for Acadia Trails Forever, making Acadia the first national park with an endowed trail system

2002: Obtained $1 million from L.L.Bean to support the Island Explorer; renewals in 2006 and 2011 brought total L.L.Bean funding to $3.25 million

2007: Purchased 369 acres in Trenton for the Acadia Gateway Center and attracted $7 million in congressional appropriations for the project, which will lessen the impact of traffic in the MDI region

2007: Purchased and protected 25 acres on Acadia Mountain, threatened by development

2009: The accomplishments of Acadia Trails Forever’s first 10 years include 5.6 miles of village connector trails built; 1.8 miles of abandoned trails reopened; over 3,000 steps, 16,760 square feet of walls, and 259 culverts repaired or constructed.

2010: Successfully lobbied the Maine legislature to limit open carry of firearms in Acadia

2010: Partnered to publish Plants of Acadia National Park, a comprehensive field guide to more than 800 species found in Acadia

2010: Established a formal relationship with the Wild Gardens of Acadia to ensure their future viability

2011: Celebrated Friends of Acadia’s 25th Anniversary with a grant to pilot the Acadia Youth Technology Team

2011: With Acadia Land Legacy’s purchase of 43 acres on Lower Hadlock and Round Ponds, protected 17 parcels of privately-owned land inside Acadia’s borders since 2005 with Acadia Land Legacy partners

By the Numbers*

Number of members: 3,574

Grants to the park and communities since 1986: $18.4 million

Island Explorer Ridership since 1999: 4.4 million

Number of FOA-funded seasonal staff serving Acadia National Park annually: 135

Number of full-time staff: 10

Endowments and other investments: $19.6 million

Annual operating budget: $2.8 million

Magazine: Friends of Acadia Journal (3 issues annually)

* as of January 2013

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