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Acadia Quest Activities

Trails included in the Quest

The 2013 Trail Quest features six categories of trails: Friends of Acadia Trails, By Ponds & Lakes, Oceanside, Moderate Summits, Difficult Summits, and Schoodic & Isle au Haut. Teams must hike 12 of the listed trails in at least four categories, including one “Challenge!” to complete the Quest, receive a 2013 Acadia Quest patch, and qualify for prizes.

Upon registering, your team will receive your Quest packet, including this Acadia Quest card, a permission form, and a trail map. Complete and return the permission form to receive an Acadia National Park pass. In order to receive a park pass and verification codes, and to qualify for a participation prize or the grand prize drawing, you must return your team permission form.

Visit the rules page for a full list of requirements.

E=Easy M=Moderate L=Trail with ladders and/or fixed rungs (do not hike w/ dogs)   ANP Hiking Info »

Friends of Acadia Community & Connector Trails

By Ponds & Lakes


Acadian Ridge Trail (E)
Giant Slide Trail (E)
Duck Brook Connector (E)
Great Meadow Loop (E)
Schooner Head Path (E)
Trenton Community Trail (E)

Challenge! Walk a village connector trail into the park from downtown Bar Harbor, then ride the Island Explorer back to the Village Green. Take a photo of your team on the bus.

The Bowl Trail (M)
Eagle Lake Trail (E)
Hadlock Pond Trail (M)
Jordan Pond Path (E)
Kane Path (E)
Long Pond (Great Pond) (M)

Challenge! On any of the listed trails, name any plants and animlas you see living right at the water’s edge.

Bar Island Trail (E)
Compass Harbor Trail (E)
Great Head Trail (M)
Hunters Beach Trail (E)
Ocean Path (E)
Ship Harbor Nature Trail (E)

 On any of the listed trails, name the islands you can see.

Moderate Summits

Difficult Summits

Schoodic &
Isle au Haut (IAH)

Bubbles Trail
Beech Cliff Loop
(L on Beech Cliff Trail)
Beachcroft Trail
Flying Mountain Trail
Gorham Mountain Trail
Acadia Mountain Trail

Challenge! Numerous MDI mountains were renamed when the park’s name was changed to Acadia. Hike “Dog Mountain,” “Robinson Mountain,” or the south peak of “Newport Mountain.”

Beehive Trail (L)
Cadillac Mountain (any trail)
Dorr Mtn. via Ladder Trail (L)
Dorr Mtn. via Homans Path
Norumbega Mtn. (any trail)
Perpendicular Trail (L)

Challenge! Hike a loop that includes the south ridge and the west or east side of any mountain in the park. Describe the difference in terrain between the two trails—why do you think this is the case?

Anvil Trail (Schoodic)
Duck Harbor Trail (IAH)
East Trail (Schoodic)
Goat Trail (IAH)
Long Pond Trail (IAH)
Raven’s Nest (Schoodic)

Challenge! On one of the listed trails, find a view of Mount Desert Island. Take a photo or draw a picture of MDI, and name the mountains you can see. (Note: not all of the trails have a view of MDI.)


Questions about Acadia Quest? Contact Stephanie Clement, Friends of Acadia Conservation Director, at 207-288-3340 or