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Learning to Fly

 By Patrick Kark, Acadia National Park Raptor Intern Hey all! I am back once again to give you an update on… Read more >

Old Roads to New Trails

By Julia Walker Thomas, Friends of Acadia Communications Assistant My favorite part of my job as Communications Assistant at Friends of… Read more >

Lightening The Load

By Harold Potter, Morris Yachts Composites Shop Foreman It’s not every day you’re asked to build a “rock gurney.” A rock… Read more >

The Grandest Prize

By Stephanie Clement, Friends of Acadia Conservation Director Recently, a friend sent in a photo of her family bicycling around Witch… Read more >

Finding Acadia’s Falcons

By Patrick Kark, Acadia National Park Raptor Intern I am very excited to join the Peregrine Falcon Watch team this year, to… Read more >