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November 2015 E-News

 “Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” —W.J. Cameron
Dear Friends:

This week and always, please join us in giving thanks for the amazing gift that is Acadia.

Here are a few more things we’re thankful for…

More than 4,000 FOA members: We couldn’t do what we do for Acadia’s trails, carriage roads, natural resources, visitor experience, and next-generation stewards without the thousands of individuals who contribute to support our work. On Giving Tuesday next week, December first, we will invite our online community to ask others (and perhaps even themselves!) to make their first Friends of Acadia membership gift and make a difference in 2016 for Acadia.

Schoodic Woods, protected: Since 1996, when Friends of Acadia led negotiations to avert a clear cut of the 1,600 acres of intact woodlands and wetlands bordering Acadia’s Schoodic District, FOA has been deeply committed to the long-term preservation of both the natural habitats and the unique visitor experience that these lands protect. When the National Park Service adjusted Acadia’s boundary last week to encompass these lands and enable their donation to the park, it was the penultimate step in a very long process. We’re grateful to all who have been involved along the way.

More than 225 Acadia Centennial Partners: The community enthusiasm for the 2016 Acadia Centennial is truly inspiring; there are events, exhibitions, and happenings planned for almost every day of 2016. To get prepared to celebrate in style, we invite you to browse the centennial products and services at for your holiday shopping. Click through all of the categories to see the full range of offerings. You’ll support the businesses and artists who have stepped up to make the Acadia Centennial great, and benefit Acadia with every purchase.

Thank you for all that you do for this remarkable place.
From all of us at Friends of Acadia

Header Photo: Cadillac Mountain’s north ridge, frosted in new snow and ice. Friends of Acadia photo by Aimee Beal Church.