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Friends of Acadia Journal

A Magazine about Acadia National Park and Surrounding Communities
Winter 2014 – Volume 19 No. 3

The Friends of Acadia Journal is published three times a year. With features about Acadia National Park’s history, resources, and programs, news about Friends of Acadia’s projects and activities, and information about how to get involved, the Friends of Acadia Journal is a great way to stay connected to Acadia National Park, all year long. Membership in Friends of Acadia includes a subscription to the Journal.   Join Now »



• The Bowl, the Beehive, and a Secular Epiphany: Adapted from the forthcoming biography of George B. Dorr | Ronald Epp

• Stewards of Today: Engaging teens and young adults in caring for our parks | Paige Steele

• Acadia’s Hawk Watch Turns 20: Keeping track of migrating raptors | Patrick Kark

• Carriage Road Courtesy for All: Horses and bicycles share the road | Carol van Schaik

• Dorrence B. Tibbetts Fund to Benefit Acadia: Planned giving leaves a lasting legacy | Aimee Beal Church

• Preserving Acadia’s Historic Roadside Views: It takes more than chainsaws to reopen overgrown vistas | Rebecca Cole-Will

• Why I’m a Friend of Acadia: Same old thing? Love it! | Ellen Goss Goldsberry

Activities and Departments:

• President’s Message: Protecting the National Park Experience
Superintendent’s View: Creating Lasting Connections
• Special Person: Ron Epp: Honoring the Father of Acadia
Where in Acadia?
• Recommended Reading
• Development Notes: 25th Anniversary Benefit Auction

Cover Photograph: Cobblestone Bridge in winter by Tom Blagden