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Articles from past issues of the Friends of Acadia Journal

A complete archive of issues dating back to spring 2000 is available in PDF format »

Spring 2017

Managing for a Wild Acadia in the 21st Century | Abe Miller-Rushing, Brian Henkel, and Rebecca Cole-Will
President’s Message: A Sustained Commitment to Acadia | David MacDonald
Superintendent’s View: What 3.3 Means for You and Me l Kevin Schneider
Spring 2017 Updates

Fall/Winter 2016

A Lead Gift for Youth at Acadia: The Second Century Campaign inspires Acadia’s future |Lisa Horsch Clark
30 Candles for Friends of Acadia: We’re tooting our own (party) horn! | Aimee Beal Church
Acoustic Ecology and the Acadia Soundscapes: Student researchers stop to listen in the park |Frederick Bianchi
Where Science, Nature, and Beauty Co-Mingle: Two siblings forge a connection with Acadia |Natalie Overton
• Men Can’t Move Mountains, but Mountains Do Move Men: The summits of George Dorr and Percival Baxter |Charlie Jacobi
Why I’m a Friend of Acadia: More is Hidden than Visible | Al Wiberly
Special People: Brenda Beckett and Howie Motenko – Using Their Passions
Fall/Winter 2016 Updates

Summer 2016

A Focus on the Key Issues Facing Our Park: Friends of Acadia announces the Second Century Campaign | David MacDonald
Healthy Forests Are Messy Forests: Helping Acadia’s woods to thrive | Kate Miller
The Wild Gardens of Acadia at 55: A new book celebrates our botanical treasure | Genie Thorndike
Summer 2016 Updates

Spring 2016

Immersion in the Landscape: A conversation about a new book on Acadia | Tom Blagden and Ken Olson

Winter 2015

Celebrating a Century of Acadia: Making the most of our park’s big year | Aimee Beal Church
Why I’m a Friend of Acadia: A centennial challenge | Anne Piazza
Winter 2015 Updates

Summer 2015

• Barbara Patterson’s Birds: A lifetime passion leads to a treasure of data | Anne Kozak
• Just a Peaceful Ride in the Park: Enjoying the May 2016 Acadia car-free event | Vince Messer and Bonnie Tai

Spring 2015

A Tale of Two Paths | Gary Stellpflug
• The Champlain Society Transcriptions | Catherine Schmitt and Maureen Fournier
• Royal Migrants | Aimee Beal Church
• Where in Acadia? Spring 2015
• Why I’m a Friend of Acadia: Living and Working Between Mountains and Sea | Gail Leiser
• Spring 2015 Updates

Winter 2014

The Bowl, the Beehive, and a Secular Epiphany: Adapted from the forthcoming biography of George B. Dorr | Ronald Epp
Stewards of Today: Engaging teens and young adults in caring for our parks | Paige Steele
Carriage Road Courtesy for All: Horses and bicycles share the road | Carol van Schaik
Dorrence B. Tibbetts Fund to Benefit Acadia: Planned giving leaves a lasting legacy | Aimee Beal Church
Preserving Acadia’s Historic Roadside Views: It takes more than chainsaws to reopen overgrown vistas | Rebecca Cole-Will
Why I’m a Friend of Acadia: Same old thing? Love it! | Ellen Goss Goldsberry
Winter 2014 Updates

Fall 2014

• Old Roads to New Trails: Inaugurating a new connector in Otter Creek | Julia Walker Thomas and Aimee Beal Church
• Preserving a Resilient Acadia: A watershed-based approach | Abe Miller-Rushing, Becky Cole-Will, and David Manski
• A Ten-Bridge Summer: A special assignment for a dedicated volunteer |Mark Munsell
• Migration Is for the Birds: Watch for feathered friends in Acadia this fall |Rich MacDonald
• Why I’m a Friend of Acadia: Living on Beauty | Susannah Jones
Fall 2014 Updates

Spring 2014

• The Future of Our Parks Is in Our Hands: The role and reach of the citizen-advocate |  Brownie Carson
• FOA Donates Community Forest and Trail to Town of Trenton: Collaborating to provide “a luxury and a necessity” to gateway residents | Stephanie Clement
• People of the Dawnland: The Wabanaki and Mount Desert Island before colonization | Julia Clark & George Neptune
• A Runner’s Paradise: For a seasoned competitor, Acadia can’t be beat | Louie Luchini
• Acadia Takes a New Look at Park Passes: Friends of Acadia supports the effort, and hopes you will too  | Aimee Beal Church
•  Special People: Ralph and Susan Nurnberger
•  Spring 2014 Updates

Fall/Winter 2013

•  Exciting Partnership with Canon U.S.A. Enables Inaugural Projects for a Wild Acadia: A committed corporate sponsor steps up for Acadia’s natural resources | Lisa Horsch Clark
•  Rehabilitating the Sieur de Monts Spring Pool: Where natural and cultural resources intertwine | Rebecca Cole-Will and Judy Hazen Connery
•  My Summer as a TRT: A Teacher-Ranger reflects on a once-in-a-lifetime experience | DeLene Hoffner
•  What Is Happening to Bats on Mount Desert Island?: We all can help these important mammals to survive | Bruce Connery
•  Fall/Winter 2013 Updates
•  Why I’m a Friend of Acadia: Nate Levesque, photographer

Summer 2013

•  A Lovely Place to Walk in Trenton: Many hands come together to build a trail behind the Gateway Center | Terry Begley
• Acadia as the Embodiment of a Japanese Garden: Acadia’s trails as seen through one landscape architect’s eyes | Cora L. Olgyay
•  The Case for a “Wild Acadia”: Restoring degraded habitats for Acadia National Park’s second century | David Manski
•  Leaving no Trace in Your Favorite Place: How (and why) to minimize your impact on the park | Charlie Jacobi
•  Hiking in the Great Outdoors with Kids: An experienced field educator shares secrets to hitting the trails with young people | Sylvie Piquet
•  Summer 2013 Updates

Spring 2013

Painting Bridges: Creating art and community in Acadia | Heidi Standton-Drew
The Apples of Acadia: Conjuring Forgotten Agricultural Landscapes | Rebecca Cole-Will, Todd Little-Siebold, and David Manski
Summer Construction in the Park: Keeping Acadia’s roads in tip-top shape | Len Bobinchok
Spring 2013 Updates

Fall/Winter 2012

The Snowy Owls of Acadia: Seeking an elusive winter visitor | Catherine Schmitt
Acadian Passages: Looking anew at Acadia’s historic trail and road systems | Jack Russell

Winter 2011

Shipwreck! | Rebecca Cole-Will


Summer 1988

Friends aid park in lighthouse preservation