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Letter to Members & Supporters

2014 Friends of Acadia Annual Report

Dear Friends,

“We’re almost to the water!” the young park visitor shouted to her friend, and the pair took off sprinting toward Jordan Pond…only to crash to a halt, awestruck by a placid loon just a dozen feet from shore. At Friends of Acadia, 2014 was a little like that—characterized by building momentum and tremendous anticipation for what’s to come, but also great appreciation for important moments right now.

Acadia is on the upswing and interest in this special place has never been higher. Last year’s recognition in national media and accompanying record-breaking statistics—for categories from park visitation and Island Explorer ridership to number of trail crew personnel—told just part of the story. Our organization itself grew significantly, achieving a new milestone of more than 4,000 members and growing our year-round staff. We supported more youth internships (see page 10) and initiated new programs including important conservation work at the Cadillac Summit (page 3) and Cromwell Brook Watershed (page 8). The approaching centennial of Acadia National Park inspired increasing numbers of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals from Acadia’s surrounding communities to plan their own contribution to that yearlong, grassroots celebration (page 11). Perhaps most importantly, we started and continued a variety of conversations with park management about their vision for Acadia’s second century, so that together we can identify priorities and develop programs to care for this magnificent place for many years and generations to come. Our collaborations with the park have never been stronger and our impact never greater.

We couldn’t do this important work without you, our members, donors, and volunteers. A strong fundraising year, crowned by the 25th annual Benefit Auction, enabled FOA to make $1.4 million in conservation grants and also finish the year solidly in the black. We are turning your investment in Friends of Acadia into meaningful benefit for Acadia. Stay tuned—great things are happening and even more is to come!

With appreciation,

Edward L. Samek, Chairman of the Board

David R. MacDonald, President and CEO