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Letter to Members & Supporters

2015 Friends of Acadia Annual Report

Dear Friends,

Change at Acadia is perpetual—but also relative. Fortunately we’ll never experience upheaval like these lands did 420 million years ago, when volcanoes created the park’s pink granite and confetti-like “shatterzone” rock. Nor will we see the tremendous glacial abrasion that shaped Acadia’s lovely mountains and valleys. That said, Acadia experienced a lot of change in 2015, with the retirement of park superintendent Sheridan Steele, the gift of the Schoodic Woods property and campground to the park, and the number of visitors leaping upward—within a context of greater changes caused by climate instability and shifting cultural and economic forces, even as Acadia celebrates its centennial.

Through all of this, Friends of Acadia is a constant. As Acadia National Park changes and grows, we’re ready to grow alongside—at the same time, park managers and park lovers know they can depend on us as a rock-steady source of funding, person power, leadership, advocacy, and initiative. That’s why Friends of Acadia’s partnership is so highly valued—so much so that the National Park Service asked us to take part in the search for Acadia’s new superintendent; so much that Congress invited us to testify on park-related legislation (see page 11); so much that a donor requested we manage their gift of start-up funds and an endowment for the Schoodic Woods property (see page 5). Along the way, as you’ll see in this report, we continue to innovate in the areas of natural resource protection, connecting young people to Acadia, and addressing transportation and visitation challenges. Meaningful solutions will require long-term investments—which the park can confidently make, knowing that Friends of Acadia will be here to carry through.

Also in 2015 we took critical first steps for the Second Century Campaign, an ambitious philanthropic campaign that will be publicly launched at our Annual Meeting on July 8, 2016—Acadia National Park’s 100th birthday. We look forward to sharing the plans and welcoming broad participation by our members, friends, and neighbors.

We couldn’t make the promise of long-term support without confidence in your commitment to our beloved park. With thanks to our members, donors, and volunteers, Friends of Acadia ended 2015 on solid ground, fiscally and organizationally, and we are working to reinforce that strength in important ways as we enter Acadia’s second century. Thank you for being part of our work at this historic moment.

With appreciation,

Edward L. Samek, Chairman of the Board

David R. MacDonald, President and CEO