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Art in the Gardens

By Phyllis Mobraaten, Wild Gardens of Acadia Volunteer

Three years ago my friend, Sue Leiter, suggested it would be wonderful to have an art activity in the Wild Gardens of Acadia to engage the children who visit with their families and friends.

The idea evolved into Art in the Gardens. On a sunny morning,  I set up an two-sided easel along the quiet Brookside pathway.  Bins of crayons are set on the ground underneath the easel.  As children walk past, I invite them to draw a picture of something they see in the area.  Most of the children enthusiastically embrace the idea and spend some time drawing. Each artist gets to take their drawing home.

I am amazed at the patience of the parents who hover nearby and enjoy watching their children work in this quiet setting.

Most subject matter is identifiable; however, I have yet to sight the pink teddy bear drawn by one of the younger artists. Occasionally, when there are no children around, an adult will stop and draw a scene for a special someone or for the walls of their home.

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