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Business and Organizational Support

Business Memberships (click for more information)

Friends of Acadia invites businesses who value Acadia National Park for its essential role in the local and statewide economy to support the park by becoming business members of FOA. Designed to be affordable for small businesses, this new program offers membership at $100 and $200 levels. Business memberships help fund FOA’s work to conserve Acadia’s natural resources, engage young people in the park, improve visitor experience, and maintain Acadia’s historic carriage roads and trails. Participating businesses are recognized in a number of ways, year-round, for their commitment to the protection of Acadia.


Business Sponsorships (click for more information)

Sponsorship offers the best kind of exposure for your organization, demonstrating your commitment to Acadia National Park to the thousands of individuals and families who live here or visit regularly, and who love the park. And as a valuable community partner, you help Friends of Acadia grant more than a million dollars every year to the park and our surrounding communities.


Business Members who Contribute Proceeds and Discounts (click for list of businesses)

Please support these businesses, who contribute to Friends of Acadia by donating proceeds from sales and by giving discounts to our members.


Business Members


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