Help us double your impact to protect Acadia’s wildlife!

Natalie OvertonBy David MacDonald, Friends of Acadia President and CEO

You know that Acadia’s natural scenery is spectacularly varied, from granite-topped mountains to bold shorelines. But did you know that Acadia’s plant and animal life are similarly diverse? Delicate alpine wood lilies thrive just a 30-minute hike from saltwater eelgrasses. We can see peregrines, great blue herons (shown below), and harlequin ducks all within a short distance.

Will you act now to help protect Acadia’s wildlife? Please make a gift this week to our 2017 Spring Membership Challenge—your donation will be matched, to do even more for the plants and animals that call Acadia home.

The harlequins, buffleheads, and other seabirds that delight us along Ocean Drive hardly notice as they rise and fall with the surf. Not so lucky are Acadia’s land-based species—as storm surges push salt water further up streams and air temperatures creep ever higher, plants and animals must migrate to seek their comfort zone.

Friends of Acadia’s Wild Acadia program is working with park biologists and a fantastic mix of partner organizations to ensure that Acadia’s wildlife and ecosystems are as resilient as possible in the face of these changes. Now our members have an opportunity to strengthen the Wild Acadia program—and all of FOA’s important efforts in the park—with a $12,500 Spring Membership Challenge from a small group of committed park friends. Every gift made to Friends of Acadia between now and Friday, March 10, will be matched until we reach our goal. Please help—we have just one week!

This will give our spring membership appeal a $25,000 boost just as sweet-singing warblers are flying northward toward Acadia’s forests and partner scientists are readying equipment for another season of research in Acadia’s wetlands.

FOA is proud of the partnerships we help build to protect Acadia’s natural resources, and we hope you are too. It could not happen without your support—thank you.