Raffle for Wall Hanging to Benefit FOA

Emma Longcope has created an embroidered wall hanging: a series of four flags, each with a glimpse of the view from Otter Cliffs. A few lupines are also featured because “even though they’re not a native plant, they feel like an iconic Acadia flower to me.” She chose Otter Cliffs because “I’m lucky to spend a lot of my time climbing at that location, and every time I’m there I feel like I’m in a postcard.” Emma says, “While I can’t claim to be a true local here, Acadia feels like my backyard, and it’s a place that has always supported me. Doing art to benefit the Park seems like one way I can support it back.” The flags are made from panels of contrasting blue wool felt, stitched with embroidery thread, and strung together with navy sailing line. Each flag could stand alone, but together hint at how vast the view feels, from the Beehive to the open Atlantic. She stitched the piece slowly during late summer on the island and hopes it can offer the drawing winner a bit of the joy and freedom one feels when standing on that iconic granite overlook.

The wall hanging was raffled off on December 6. All proceeds directly benefited Friends of Acadia’s work in Acadia National Park.

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