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Annual Meeting 2020 Recorded










Friends of Acadia’s Annual Meeting was held via Zoom and Facebook Live on Wednesday, July 8.

The winner of the Marianne Edwards Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Nancy Howland. The Marianne Edwards Award for outstanding accomplishments in helping Friends of Acadia and the park execute their respective missions is Friends of Acadia’s highest honor and is named for our founder and the award’s first recipient.

Other highlights of this year’s meeting include comments by Senator Angus King and an exciting announcement about Acadia National Park by Superintendent Kevin Schneider. A copy of the 2019 Annual Report is now available on our website.

You can view a full video recording of the meeting below.

In addition to the Annual Meeting, we hope you will join us as we celebrate “Acadia Week” the rest of the week with special lunchtime broadcasts every day at noon from the Bar Harbor Inn. Each broadcast will feature a different guest who has made an impact on Acadia National Park. Tune in to our Facebook page to watch.

Acadia Week 2020 Guest Interview Schedule (on Facebook LIVE) 

Monday, July 6, 12:00

Stephanie Ley – Cairns/ summit stewards 
Julie Banzhaf Stone – If you Love Acadia


Tuesday, July 7, 12:00

Dana Petersen – Stewardship, Seaside path, trail work
Julie Veilleux – Business support


Wednesday, July 8, 12:00

Becca Stanley – Visitor statstics
Lisa Horsch Clark – George B. Dorr Society 


Thursday, July 9, 12:00

David MacDonald – FOA’s role in protecting and preserving
Brian Henkel – Wild Acadia


Friday, July 10, 12:00

Kevin Schneider – Acadia National Park future/outlook
Laura and or Vassar Pierce – Benefit re-imagined


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