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Old Farm App

Guided tour of the remains of the estate of George B. Dorr, one of the founders of Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. Uses map and overlays to locate cultural areas and provides captioned video interpretation for a variety of stops along a prescribed pathway. Voiceover friendly.

Link to Old Farm App available at App Store

Although he is known as the “Father of Acadia” and a founder of the oldest national park east of the Mississippi River, George B. Dorr’s seminal contributions to the American environmental movement have gone largely unacknowledged. Even today, those who live in or visit the coastal Maine communities surrounding Acadia National Park do not fully realize the scope of his achievements. Dorr’s pioneering role in the establishment and development of a unique conservation model dovetailed with the evolution of the US National Park Service. Raised in Boston as a member of New England’s elite merchant class, Dorr adopted Maine’s Mount Desert Island as his home and the setting to apply the practical lessons of “Boston Brahmin” philanthropy that tracked back to his maternal grandfather, banker and Harvard College Treasurer Thomas Wren Ward. Yet through his finest work—the creation and management of Acadia National Park—and through his collaborations with park co-founders Charles W. Eliot, John D. Rockefeller Jr., and others—Dorr transformed an elitist social inheritance into an all-consuming commitment to conservation.