Transportation Plan Comments Released

ACADIA NAT’L PARK — Park officials have released copies of public comments submitted in response to the first draft of the proposed Acadia National Park Transportation Plan.

Nearly 500 individual comments were submitted as well as 5,750 form letters. Those identical submissions are grouped together as a single comment with 5,750 signatures.

The comments, from groups, individuals, municipalities, and other organizations were submitted during a short period earlier this summer after the roll-out of several possible approaches to deal with traffic and congestion, including one labeled as the preferred alternative.

A summary of comments was prepared by park planners. The entire text in pdf form can be accessed by clicking here.

The park has also posted a document including the full text of all 489 comments. Individual names have been redacted however town of residence, and when applicable, connections to the park are noted. That pdf can be accessed by clicking here.

Friends of Acadia’s comments can be reviewed by clicking here.