Operations Manager and Systems Administrator

Mike oversees many of the operations, systems, and processes that Friends of Acadia uses daily. Main duties include managing the IT infrastructure, from administering the network to managing the multiple productivity suites, phone and virtual communication systems. Mike works with vendors to supply office with all IT needs, network, and equipment. He is the purchasing agent for all office consumables, as well as negotiating contracts with suppliers for catering and events. He is responsible for implementing company policies for cybersecurity, virtual workspace environments, and online meetings accounts.  He oversees safety policies and crisis response protocols as well as analyzing, forecasting, and budgeting for future needs of the organization.

A native of Pennsylvania and a graduate of College of the Atlantic, Mike enjoys sailing, diving, gardening, backpacking and hiking. Mike is a notary, dedimus justice, USCG master captain, and divemaster. He has completed multiple long-distance trails including the Long Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Appalachian Trail. Mike loves a good adventure and has fought off pirates while sailing in the Caribbean. He lives in Town Hill with his wife, Lynn; son, Grayson; and cat, Phoebe.

Contact: mike@friendsofacadia.org
Phone: 207-370-1982