Office Manager

Mike organizes and coordinates office operations and procedures, ensuring efficiency in all operations. He also provides technical support, assessment, and maintenance of computers, office equipment, and furniture. Mike first came to Maine in 1990 as a northbound thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail and hasn’t left since. He joined the staff at Friends of Acadia in 2000 after serving as a buyer for Cadillac Mountain Sports for six years.

A native of Pennsylvania and a graduate of College of the Atlantic, Mike enjoys sailing, diving, gardening, hiking, biofuel cars, and big motorcycles. Mike is a notary, dedimus justice, USCG master captain, and divemaster. He has completed multiple long-distance trails including the Long Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Appalachian Trail. Mike loves a good adventure and has fought off pirates while sailing in the Caribbean. He lives in Town Hill with his wife, Lynn; son, Grayson; and cat, Elsie.

Contact: mike@friendsofacadia.org
Phone: 207-370-1982