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The Tech Team Reflects

Tyler WoodBy Tyler Wood, Acadia Youth Technology Team

As the summer of 2013 reaches an end, the Acadia Youth Technology Team had the chance to reflect upon our experiences in the park. As many know, we only have three months in a given summer— exactly 60 workdays to design, to create, to explore, and to innovate in the beautiful park that we have. That being said, the progress we were able to make was phenomenal.

By the end of the summer we will have given two professional presentations, written several documents (including an in-depth final report detailing our summer’s work and our future goals), produced numerous astounding time-lapse videos, redesigned and implemented the DMIK (an enhanced viewing platform for the spotting scope programs), integrated iPads into four ranger-led programs, created several 3D models of artifacts from the Acadia archives, and produced a handful of high-quality videos. We also will have evaluated the effectiveness of both the iPads and the DMIK. With all these achievements, there is still work to be done. The foundation has been laid, and it is the task of Tech Teams in future years to continue to build and strive for a better Acadia.

We would like to thank you all, the people who make the Tech Team possible. Whether you are a funder or a supporter, a ranger or an FOA employee, the Tech Team would like to express our deepest gratitude for providing us with a job like no other—there is not a single member of the Tech Team who would have chosen to spend the summer doing anything else than what we have been given the opportunity to do. While for many of us this will be the last year we spend on the team, we cannot emphasize enough how fantastic it has been for us to work in Acadia. To be able to take part at our young age in the evolution that Acadia is spearheading is unbelievable. We hope we have made an impact on Acadia and we are excited to see what newer minds of next year’s Acadia Youth Technology Team are able to accomplish.

Posted 8/14/13

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