Friends of Acadia Advocacy Fundamentals

In our advocacy for Acadia National Park through Friends of Acadia, the Advocacy Committee is anchored by these fundamentals:

  1. We are FOA-driven and disciplined. Our advocacy is framed by and supports the strategic priorities of Friends of Acadia. We know that the energy of the FOA staff and volunteers is a precious finite resource.
  2. We advocate with passion for a place we love. We bring distinct professional experiences and different political perspectives to our advocacy, but we are united by our love of Acadia National Park.
  3. We are Acadia-focused. We act as conservationist on many fronts, but in our advocacy through Friends of Acadia we focus our robust experience on one goal: the best possible future for Acadia National Park.
  4. We must work widely as advocates to protect Acadia. Serving Acadia requires us to work on many fronts, at times simultaneously. We seek to muster the range of capabilities required.
  5. We work as non-partisans. Acadia belongs to the American people – all of us. We believe that people from all political perspectives appreciate the value of the national park we champion, and we advocate in that spirit.
  6. We seek solidarity with partners in coalitions. Much of our advocacy, especially at the federal level, is effective only if Friends of Acadia works as a valued partner in coalitions committed to conservation of our national parks.
  7. We base our advocacy in science as appropriate. Acadia is a complex eco-system. Science can often clarify the best course for conservation of our park. We embrace our responsibility to understand and communicate relevant science in our advocacy.
  8. We respect the distinct interests of the communities that surround Acadia. Acadia National Park was created from lands held by the people of several distinct Maine coast communities whose cooperation made a great gift to the American people. Our advocacy must understand and respect the bond and boundaries between Acadia and these surrounding communities.
  9. We affirm Acadia as a Maine asset. Acadia National Park is an anchor of the Maine economy and brand. Maine decisions matter for Acadia. We advocate for Acadia as good citizens of Maine.
  10. We champion public responsibility for conservation of our national parks. Acadia has a proud history of support through private philanthropy and citizen volunteerism. We take pride in that history, but are adamant in our conviction that we, the people of the United States, through our federal government, have a perpetual responsibility to assure the conservation of Acadia unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.