Inspiring the Next Generation of Stewards

Friends of Acadia aims to ignite a lifelong love of nature through a continuum of engagement in the natural world that starts with families enjoying the park together, moves into educational opportunities in schools, and progresses into enrichment through employment in the park through our seasonal staff.

Inspiring the next generation of conservation-minded citizens, instilling in them a deep appreciation for the natural world, and motivating them to protect special places like Acadia National Park, are among Friends of Acadia’s most profound mission.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that many children never have the opportunity to personally experience a park or other special natural place. All children should benefit from access to nature, reaping its educational, recreational, developmental, and health benefits. Therefore, Friends of Acadia sponsors programs and events designed to engage kids and their families in the outdoors, attract under-served populations to the park, and foster a sense of ownership of this amazing natural treasure.

Our partnership programming with the park provides youth the tools and motivation to become tomorrow’s stewards, ensuring the magnificence of Acadia will be experienced by future generations.