Protecting more than 47,000 acres on dozens of islands and miles of rugged coastline, Acadia National Park is a jewel of granite mountains, breathtaking coastlines, unique cultural  resources, dazzling night skies, and precious communities of plant and animal life.

Acadia is one of the most popular national parks in the United States. It is also one of the smallest and most vulnerable.

That’s why Friends of Acadia exists. We are an independent organization of passionate people, inspiring those who love this magnificent place to make a real and lasting difference for Acadia.

We invite you to learn more about our work and impact for Acadia, our team, and how you can join us and get involved.


Our Mission

To preserve, protect, and promote stewardship of the outstanding natural beauty, ecological vitality, and distinctive cultural resources of Acadia National Park and surrounding communities for the inspiration and enjoyment of current and future generations.

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Friends Inspired by a Deep Love for the Park

The first national park originally created by private donations of land, Acadia National Park today is protected and enriched by the members and volunteers of Friends of Acadia.

Whether volunteering on one of Acadia’s historic hiking trails, donating to protect threatened park lands, helping to maintain the Wild Gardens of Acadia, or supporting Friends of Acadia through an annual membership, our members and volunteers participate in a tradition of private philanthropy that began long before George B. Dorr established Sieur de Monts National Monument in 1916.

That rich tradition continues as long as people love and appreciate Acadia National Park’s spectacular scenery, rich ecology, and abundant opportunities to experience nature.

Friends of Acadia draws on the deep well of individual love for this remarkable place to help meet Acadia’s greatest and most pressing needs. Friends of Acadia has resources, nimbleness, and flexibility to accomplish things the park cannot do on its own—not to replace, but to enhance the park’s federal support. With your help, we:

  • Make crucial conservation grants to the park and communities
  • Recruit and lead a corps of enthusiastic volunteers
  • Defend the area against emerging and ongoing threats, like climate change
  • Advocate for Acadia before Congress and the Maine legislature

“It is an opportunity of singular interest, so to develop and preserve the wild charm and beauty of this unique spot on our Atlantic coast that future generations may rejoice in it yet…”
— George B. Dorr

Personal Connections Translate to Impact

Our mission includes the park’s surrounding communities. This commitment to work toward the protection of Acadia, both inside and out of its boundaries, reflects the interwoven character of the park. Founded in 1986, Friends of Acadia is a leading example of citizen stewardship at national parks, and a place where personal connections to the park are translated into a remarkable collective impact. We bring people together and find solutions to benefit Acadia now and for all time. Join us!