A Unique Educational Resource Displaying Acadia’s Native Plants

Created and maintained by volunteers, the Wild Gardens of Acadia offer park visitors an award-winning microcosm of Acadia’s uniquely varied plant communities in a serene brookside setting.

The Wild Gardens include over 400 plant species, all indigenous, in thirteen sections designed to represent natural plant communities found within Acadia National Park. Mountain, heath, seaside, coniferous forest, and nine other habitats are represented.

In 2010, Friends of Acadia began providing fundraising and administrative support to the Wild Gardens of Acadia volunteers. The Wild Gardens is still maintained primarily by volunteers, but Friends of Acadia hires a Supervisory Gardener and Intern each year.

Friends of Acadia’s support for the Wild Gardens of Acadia offers stability and assistance to the volunteers that will allow the Gardens to thrive into future generations.

University of Maine’s Gardening to Conserve Maine’s Landscape