Today’s Stewards Continue a Long
Tradition of Care

Acadia National Park was created by the individual efforts of people who loved this place and were motivated to care for it. Today, you can be a part of this legacy by volunteering in the park with Friends of Acadia.

Whether you volunteer for a few hours, a few months, or year after year, you will see a new side of Acadia, feel a deeper connection to the park, and leave this national treasure a little better than you found it. Many hundreds of volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year on essential projects. Together, they make a real and lasting difference for Acadia National Park.

There are many ways to put your skills and interests to work for the park:

  • Stewardship Volunteers work on trails, carriage roads, and other outdoor projects in the park on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings from June through October; drop-in volunteers are encouraged
  • The Acadia Winter Trails Association grooms the carriage roads in winter for cross-country skiing
  • Take Pride in Acadia Day is the park’s most important annual volunteer event, marshaling the efforts of more than 400 volunteers to prepare Acadia’s historic carriage road system for winter
  • Wild Gardens of Acadia

For more information about volunteering in the field at Acadia, please contact us.

Youth Conservation Corps

The Acadia Youth Conservation Corps provided essential help to the Acadia National Park trail crew, making improvements to Acadia’s trails and carriage roads.


—Jim Vekasi, Acadia National Park Chief of Maintenance from 1992 through 2011

“I see the impact of our Friends’ efforts every time I walk the trails and ride the carriage roads. From both a park manager’s and park lover’s view, I am deeply grateful to Friends of Acadia and the volunteer work they support.”

-Alan Farnsworth, former Road Foreman at Acadia National Park.

"The carriage roads and trails are two of the biggest tourist attractions in the park. I wouldn’t have the career that I’ve had without Friends of Acadia."

How You Can Help

Take a child or a friend on a hike, walk, ski, or bike ride on Acadia’s trails or carriage roads and introduce them to a recreational adventure that can last a lifetime; then consider giving them a gift membership in Friends of Acadia to expand the network of support for these beloved pathways.