Enhancing the Visitor Experience at Acadia

As park visitation increases at Acadia, it can cause inevitable wear and tear on park resources and diminish the quality of one’s visit. Friends of Acadia is working with the park and other partners to address these issues and improve the visitor experience for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Acadia’s outstanding natural scenery and recreational resources attract millions of visits each year. Popular destinations, such as the Cadillac Mountain summit, Ocean Drive, and Jordan Pond are especially susceptible to resource impacts, such as trampling of sensitive vegetation or traffic noise. Additionally, these sites may present barriers to visitors with disabilities.

Friends of Acadia has been working with the National Park Service and partners to reduce the impacts of high visitation by investing in transportation alternatives. In partnership with L.L.Bean, Friends of Acadia has been a long-term supporter of the Island Explorer bus system—an environmentally friendly, free transit system running through the park and surrounding communities.

We have also been a champion of the Acadia Gateway Center, a transit hub and visitor center in Trenton where visitors will be able to board the Island Explorer for a car-free visit to the park. And, we have supported several programs and initiatives to make a visit to the summit of Cadillac a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Friends of Acadia is also working to reduce economic, social, and physical barriers to visiting the park. This includes supporting grants for urban and diverse youth groups to visit the park, and funding projects to make the park more accessible to people with disabilities.

Acadia Experience is a suite of investments and programs to reduce traffic congestion and improve the park visitor experience for all.

Cadillac Reservation System

Wonder what traffic on Cadillac was like prior to the reservation system?

How You Can Help

All of Friends of Acadia’s programs are supported by membership dollars from more than 4,500 members and donors worldwide, who love Acadia and want to help protect and care for it. If you are already a member—thank you! If are just learning about our mission and our impact for Acadia, click below to learn more about how you can help.