Monitoring Water Quality at Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond is the drinking water supply for the village of Seal Harbor and is known as one of the clearest lakes in Maine. In recent years, the pond has experienced decreasing clarity, and the park, University of Maine, and Friends of Acadia have been partnering to better understand the drivers of these changes.

Thanks to funding from Friends of Acadia and Canon U.S.A., a water quality monitoring buoy was launched in Jordan Pond in 2013. The buoy collects over 1,400 measurements per day throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Parameters such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen, light attenuation, acidity, and dissolved organic matter are tracked. A weather station installed at the Jordan Pond House contributes additional data to help scientists discern conditions at the lake.

Data from this project and other similar buoys around the world will help scientists see how freshwater resources may be evolving with climate change. To learn more about Jordan Pond buoy and to see the continuous stream of data, click here.

The Jordan Pond Buoy

Learn more about the monitoring buoy in Jordan Pond. Video by Sam Mallon/FOA

The Stories the Buoy Could Tell

The monitoring buoy in Jordan Pond gathers data that helps inform the park’s resource protection efforts

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