Gifts of Assets

Donating stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to Friends of Acadia is a smart and simple way to help preserve and protect the park. By making a gift of appreciated securities, you may also be able to avoid capital gains tax.

Transfer the assets to Friends of Acadia and we will sell the securities and use the proceeds to support important work in the park. You will receive a tax deduction and the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is making a difference for the park you love.

If you are at least 73 years old* and have a traditional IRA, you may be required to take a minimum distribution from your retirement fund. Giving this distribution directly to a charity may be a tax-smart way for you to make charitable gifts to Friends of Acadia and your other favorite nonprofits.

Contact your financial advisor or the custodian of your retirement fund for additional information. You can also contact Friends of Acadia for more information on this popular gift option.

* the age changed to 73; the age is 70 ½ if you reached 70 ½ before January 1, 2020

A donor-advised fund allows you set aside cash and other assets with a sponsoring organization (Fidelity, Vanguard, and Schwab are three of the most popular) for future giving, get an immediate tax deduction, and then decide how, when, and where to donate your gifts.

If you have a Donor Advised Fund set up, work with your adviser to support Friends of Acadia and the park. Many administrators of donor advised funds will also allow you to include Friends of Acadia as a beneficiary of your fund.

Please note: Certain restrictions may apply to grants Friends of Acadia receives from donor advised funds, including limitations related to ticketed events and fulfillment of legally binding pledges. Please inquire with your donor advised fund custodian about the intended use of your recommended donation and learn about any restrictions/prohibitions that may apply.

Contact us to learn how distributions through your Donor Advised Fund can support Friends of Acadia both now and in the future.

Friends of Acadia can convert most real estate, personal property, and other assets into a financially prudent gift for conservation. Property can be used to fund outright gifts, gifts that provide you income, and donor advised funds. Different terms and conditions apply for each type of asset, so please contact us to discuss your individual situations.

George B. Dorr Society

The easiest way to leave a legacy for the benefit of Acadia National Park is to include Friends of Acadia in your estate plans. Members and friends who have documented provisions for Friends of Acadia in their estate plans are recognized through the George B. Dorr Society.  
The Dorr Society honors George Bucknam Dorr, gentleman, scholar, and lover of nature, whose dedication to preserving Mount Desert Island helped create Acadia National Park. Each year, George B. Dorr Society members gather for a special appreciation event. 

Start a Conversation

If you are thinking about planning for your future and Acadia’s, contact us and let’s investigate options together. We’ll work with you to find a gift that best fits your unique situation and helps you leave a legacy with Acadia.

Contact a member of the development office at 207-288-3340 for more information.

Friends of Acadia is registered to raise funds in all states that require charitable registration. See CHARITABLE REGISTRATION DISCLOSURES for states such as Florida that require us to list their disclosure language statements.