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Employment Opportunities

Friends of Acadia employs a full-time staff of 13 in our Bar Harbor office. We support seasonal positions in our office and in the Acadia National Park, both through direct employment and through grants to the park. Typically, only positions directly hired by Friends of Acadia will be listed here. These include the Ridge Runners and Recreation Technician, the Acadia Youth Technology Team, Field Crew Leaders for the Stewardship Volunteer Program, and full-time and seasonal positions in the Friends of Acadia office. Positions hired by Acadia National Park will be indicated as such.

Ridge Runner openings are typically posted in January for the coming summer; other openings vary but are most often posted January through March. Not all jobs are open every year. See the Acadia National Park website at for opportunities for young people hired directly by the park.


Current Job Openings:

1/18/17 – There are no current openings—please check back soon as we will start posting seasonal jobs in the next couple of weeks! Or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for timely announcements when we post new openings.