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Buy Your Park Pass

This means all of us! Whether walking, bicycling, driving, or riding the free Island Explorer through the park, all must pay the entrance fee. It’s not a toll for using the Park Loop Road; rather it is a user fee for access to all areas of Acadia. A park pass not only entitles the visitor to outstanding recreational opportunities in Acadia, but also is a means for visitors to invest in the resource they have enjoyed.

Acadia retains up to 80% of the park pass revenues it generates. Park pass funds have been used for projects such as the rehabilitation of the Jordan Pond trail and the opening of the historic Homans Path on Dorr Mountain. Fees are also an important factor in operating the fare-free Island Explorer bus system.

Where can I purchase my park pass?

Interagency Senior, Access and Annual passes can be obtained in person at all federally operated receration sites, including Acadia that charge an entrance fee. In addition, the Interagency Annual pass ($80) can be purchased online, over the phone (1-888-ASK-USGS and press 1). Acadia specific and interagency passes sold at Acadia directly benefit Acadia National Park.

All Interagency and Acadia specific seven-day ($25) and annual passes ($50) are available at the following locations on Mount Desert Island:

  • Hulls Cove Visitor Center (off Rt. 3 in Hulls Cove)
  • Sand Beach Entrance Station (on the Park Loop Road)
  • Island Explorer/Acadia National Park information center (next to the Bar Harbor Village Green and Island Explorer transfer location)
  • Seawall campground (off Rt. 102A in Southwest Harbor)
  • Blackwoods campground (off Rt. 3 in Otter Creek)
  • Acadia National Park Headquarters (on the Eagle Lake Road/Rt. 233 in Bar Harbor)
  • Thompson Island joint chamber and park information center (Rt. 3 Thompson Island)

Acadia specific seven-day ($25; $10 in the shoulder seasons) and annual passes ($50) ONLY are also available May through October at the following locations on Mount Desert Island:

  • Online
  • Hulls Cove Visitor Center
  • Jordan Pond gift shop
  • Cadillac Mountain gift shop
  • Some area businesses; call 207-288-3338 for an up-to-date list of locations

Next time you visit Echo Lake Beach, Cadillac Mountain, Schoodic, or the Jordan Pond House, please obey the law and support your park: stop by one of these park pass vending locations and purchase your entrance pass. Help protect Acadia’s resources by funding critical improvement projects financed by park passes. Questions? Consult