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The Wild Gardens of Acadia

A Unique Educational Resource in Acadia

Created and maintained by volunteers, the Wild Gardens of Acadia offer park visitors an award-winning microcosm of Acadia’s uniquely varied plant communities in a serene brookside setting. The Wild Gardens include over 400 plant species, all indigenous, in thirteen sections designed to represent natural plant communities found within Acadia National Park. Mountain, heath, seaside, coniferous forest, and nine other habitats are represented. Click for information about visiting the Wild Gardens of Acadia

Wild Gardens of Acadia Visitor Information

Volunteers at the Wild Gardens of Acadia help maintain the gardens, guide visitors, and care for the grounds. Volunteers also work on interpretive materials for the Gardens, such as the popular “Quick Guide to Common Ferns of the Wild Gardens of Acadia” and educational activities such as “Art in the Gardens.” For more information, contact Stephanie Clement at 207-288-3340 or use our volunteer information request form.


The Gardens not only enhance understanding of native plants and their habitats but also foster stewardship—ensuring that parks and gardens continued to be sustained through volunteers and private philanthropy. This tremendous volunteer effort has been recognized by awards from the Garden Club of America, the New England Wild Flower Society, the Garden Club Federation of Maine, the National Council of State Garden Clubs, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and Friends of Acadia. In 2011, the Wild Gardens of Acadia celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the volunteers received a Certificate of Appreciation from the National Park Service.

In 2010, the Wild Gardens of Acadia became an official committee of Friends of Acadia. The Gardens are still maintained primarily by volunteers, along with a supervisory gardener and an intern sponsored by Friends of Acadia; they plant, study, collect, propagate, label, and fundraise. The relationship with Friends of Acadia offers stability and assistance that will allow the Wild Gardens of Acadia to thrive for the next 50 years and beyond.

To support this program, contact Lisa Horsch at 207-288-3340 or


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All “Art in the Gardens” photos by Phyllis Mobraaten