Video: Future of the Great Meadow Loop meeting

Catch up on plans for the Great Meadow Loop, shared during a virtual meeting with Friends of Acadia and Acadia National Park on May 15.

A public presentation held on May 15 informed the public about trail work scheduled to take place in 2024 on the Great Meadow Loop and Hemlock Path.

The virtual meeting was co-hosted by Friends of Acadia and Acadia National Park and shared insight into the busy season ahead, including trail maintenance, construction, and reroutes as Friends of Acadia and Acadia National Park continue partnership efforts to enhance access and improve safety on trails.

We are currently experiencing changes to our climate, such as more intense storms, and those changes are driving restoration efforts in the Great Meadow Wetland. The storm events also frequently result in erosion and flooding which affects trails and visitor access to them. Maintenance and trail work scheduled for 2024 will focus on rehabilitating existing trails to improve drainage and safety, widening trails or relocating them to enhance the visitor experience, and making structural changes to improve environmental connectivity and increase access. Our hope is that the work on these trails will make them safer, more enjoyable, and connect people to the park.

Watch a video recording of the meeting: 


Great Meadow Virtual Presentation May 2024 from Friends of Acadia on Vimeo.