Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park Close for Spring Thaw

BAR HARBOR, MAINE – Starting Friday, March 8, the National Park Service (NPS) is temporarily closing the carriage roads in Acadia National Park to prevent damage to them during the spring thaw. Carriage roads will be closed to all users until further notice.

Warming weather and wet conditions soften the carriage road’s gravel surface and make them susceptible to damage. Walking, bicycling, and riding horses in such conditions can cause ruts and potholes that channel water and exacerbate erosion. The NPS will reopen the carriage roads once the gravel surface dries out and becomes firm enough to prevent damage.

In the meantime, the NPS encourages visitors to explore Acadia’s hiking trails and the Park Loop Road, which remains closed to motor vehicles until April 15. When hiking, be prepared for icy conditions and use traction devices on your footwear. When walking or biking the closed sections of the Park Loop Road, exercise caution around closed gates, watch for park vehicles and equipment, and be prepared to encounter lingering ice and storm debris.

The carriage roads, along with their coping stones, gatehouses, and stone-faced bridges, are the best and most extensive example of broken-stone roads in the United States. They provide access to both sweeping vistas and close-up views of landscapes across the park.

For current information about visiting Acadia National Park, please go to or call 207-288-3338.

Stay apprised of current conditions and closures on the Acadia National Park website.