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Four times a year, we collect feature articles, updates, and commentary from FOA and park leadership—together with gorgeous photographs of the park in all seasons—and share them with our members, volunteers, and local residents. Each issue is designed to inform, inspire, and entertain.

But above all, each issue of the Journal reminds our members of their love for Acadia, and works to deepen the close relationship so many have with the park.

A remarkable 93 percent of our members read the Friends of Acadia Journal.  Sponsorship offers the best kind of exposure for your organization, demonstrating your commitment to Acadia National Park to the thousands of individuals and families who live here or visit regularly, and who love the park.  And as a valuable community partner, you help Friends of Acadia grant more than a million dollars every year to the park and our surrounding communities.

About the Friends of Acadia Journal:

  • Published four times annually
  • Each issue mailed to more than 5,000 Friends of Acadia members
  •  In 2019, a total of 32,00,000 copies of the Journal were printed and 28,000 mailed. Additional copies were distributed at FOA events and at our summer membership table outside the Jordan Pond House.
  • Every issue available for download at
  • A 2019 survey revealed that 90 percent of our members read the Friends of Acadia Journal

Journal sponsorship is on an annual basis (four issues), renewable in February of each year. To become a Friends of Acadia Journal sponsor, please contact us at 207-288-3340 or

For questions about Journal advertising artwork, please contact Earl Brechlin at 207-288-3340 or

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Because of Friends of Acadia’s IRS classification, we are obligated to observe certain restrictions in ad content. Sponsorship ads may include:

  • The sponsor’s name, logo, or products
  • Slogans/tag lines that are an established part of the sponsor’s identity (“G.E…We bring good things to life.”) or that do not contain qualitative or comparative descriptions of the sponsor’s products, services, facilities or company
  • A list of the sponsor’s locations, telephone numbers, or Internet address
  • Value-neutral descriptions, including displays or visual depictions, of the sponsor’s products or services

Not allowed are qualitative or comparative language (“gorgeous,” “the best,” “#1”), price information, or indications of savings or value (“10% off”).

This is a relatively new restriction for all Friends of Acadia publications, and we do our best to apply the rules correctly and fairly. If you have questions about the wording of your ad, please contact  at Thank you for understanding!