Friends of Acadia Honors Three Award Winners at its 2024 Annual Meeting

BAR HARBOR—More than 200 ‘friends’ of Acadia National Park gathered for Friends of Acadia’s 2024 Annual Meeting held at the Bar Harbor Club on Wednesday, July 10.

The Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to celebrate Friends of Acadia’s impact for the Acadia National Park, and recognize and honor distinguished community members for their service to the organization and the park.

Three distinguished community members received awards this year.

Lili Pew receives the Acadia Preservation Award, presented by Board Chair Bill Eacho, at the Friends of Acadia Annual meeting on July 10, 2024, at Bar Harbor Club in Bar Harbor, M.E. (Julia Walker Thomas/Friends of Acadia)

Lili Pew, who has served on the Friends of Acadia Board of Directors for 19 years received the Acadia Preservation Award. Lili’s depth and breadth of service to Friends of Acadia since 2005 was recognized, including serving four years as Chair of the Board of Directors, and terms on about every board committee. Lili was acknowledged as a natural “connector” who has invited people of all ages to develop a relationship with Acadia. Her positive energy and dedication to ensuring that visitors understand how to enjoy Acadia safely and for rescuing them when accidents happen was also honored. In presenting the award, Bill Eacho Friends of Acadia’s current Chairman of the Board said, “Lili, your tireless energy, strategic leadership, and dedication to Acadia National Park are inspirational to all of us. Thank you.”

Mike Staggs receives the President’s Darn Good Work Award, presented by President and CEO Eric Stiles, at the Friends of Acadia Annual meeting on July 10, 2024 at Bar Harbor Club in Bar Harbor, M.E. (Julia Walker Thomas/Friends of Acadia)

Mike Staggs received the President’s Darn Good Work Award for more than 23 years of dedicated service as a Friends of Acadia staff member, holding roles from Administrative Assistant to Operations Manager and Systems Administrator. Mike has worn many hats/roles and seen lots of change at Friends of Acadia over two decades. He helped the organization launch its first website, progress to cloud-based computing, and more recently helped develop robust cybersecurity practices. Mike also helped organize and champion Friends of Acadia events such as the Annual Meeting, Annual Benefit, and Earth Day Roadside Cleanup. “Mike’s work has been excellent, dependable, and a gift to all of us,” said President and CEO Eric Stiles in presenting the award.

Dave Edson receives the Acadia Preservation Award, presented by VP of Development Lisa Horsch Clark, at the Friends of Acadia Annual meeting on July 10, 2024, at Bar Harbor Club in Bar Harbor, M.E. (Julia Walker Thomas/Friends of Acadia)

David Edson received the Marianne Edwards Distinguished Service Award, Friends of Acadia’s highest honor, for his steadfast leadership on the Board of Directors for 10 years. Dave has filled multiple roles including Vice Chair of the board, Acadia Winter Trails Association winter groomer, Strategic Planning committee member, Finance Committee member, Acadia Experience Task Force contributor, and Chair of the Housing Task Force and Raise the Roof Campaign leader. At the Annual Meeting, Dave was recognized for his sage advice and calm demeanor under pressure, and for sharing his expertise, management and knowledge of conservation and construction as Friends of Acadia invests in important seasonal workforce housing initiatives. In presenting the award, Friends of Acadia’s Vice President of Development Lisa Horsch Clark said, “Dave’s selfless leadership of Friends of Acadia has advanced our seasonal workforce housing initiatives, fostered great teamwork, and served as the best kind of sticky glue holding our organization’s building blocks together.”

Friends of Acadia Board of Directors Chairman Bill Eacho speaks about Friends of Acadia’s Raise the Roof campaign at the FOA annual meeting on July 10, 2024 at Bar Harbor Club in Bar Harbor, M.E. (Evie Linantud/Friends of Acadia)

Raise the Roof Campaign for Seasonal Workforce Housing at Acadia National Park

In addition to celebrating accomplishments and award winners, Friends of Acadia publicly announced its Raise the Roof Campaign—a $10 million fundraising campaign to support the construction of seasonal workforce housing at two campuses in Acadia National Park. $7.5 million has been raised to date.

The fundraising campaign is part of Friends of Acadia’s commitment to help solve the severe housing shortage on Mount Desert Island that’s impacting Acadia’s ability to hire enough seasonal workers.

Friends of Acadia’s Raise the Roof donation of $10 million will unlock another $10+ million in matching funds through federal and other funding. The dynamic partnership between the park and Friends of Acadia positions Acadia National Park as a leader in tackling a housing crisis that is plaguing national parks across the country.

Learn more about the Raise the Roof campaign to create the housing for Acadia’s seasonal workforce.

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