Is Your Name Missing from this List?

group of Founders of Acadia National Park standing on shore of Jordan Pond with the Bubbles in background.Preserving and protecting those things you hold dear is a wise investment, and the easiest way to leave a legacy for the benefit of Acadia National Park is to include Friends of Acadia in your estate plans.

We know that many of our members and friends have already decided to leave a legacy gift for Friends of Acadia, and we are immensely grateful!

If you haven’t told us about your estate or we have failed to include you or listed you incorrectly on our membership list for the GBD Society, please let us know by contacting

Members and friends who have documented provisions for Friends of Acadia in their estate plans are recognized through the George B. Dorr Society.

The Dorr Society honors George Bucknam Dorr, gentleman, scholar, and lover of nature, whose dedication to preserving Mount Desert Island helped create Acadia National Park. Each year, George B. Dorr Society members gather for a special appreciation event.