Help Combat Climate Change

It takes many individual actions to make a collective difference in addressing climate change. By focusing on individual choices, as well as supporting broader policy initiatives and projects, we can help Acadia and other natural areas adapt and prepare for rapidly changing environmental conditions.

Below are some ideas for first step on how you can help:

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    Take steps to better understand your energy usage and carbon footprint. There are several tools to help you calculate your personal energy usage, from transportation to heating. Two examples are available at or

  • Switch to renewable energy sources, like solar or geothermal, to power or heat/cool your home. Efficiency Maine has resources for homeowners to calculate their home’s energy efficiency and compare home heating options or water heating options.
  • Hire someone to complete an energy assessment of your home and suggest ways to improve your energy efficiency. Efficiency Maine has a list of vendors who can provide advice and services.
  • Consider alternative transportation options, like biking, walking, carpooling, and taking public transit (such as the Island Explorer in Acadia), to reduce emissions from private automobile travel.
  • Become an advocate for policy that helps combat climate change. Follow what is happening in Maine at the Maine State Legislature website and in the United States Congress via You can search for and find bills to support energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Getting involved in Citizen Science is a great way to better understand the changes around us. Visit the national website to find ways to get involved or visit the Schoodic Institute’s website for more information about citizen science in Acadia.
  • Support projects to help Acadia survive the impacts of climate change. For example, Friends of Acadia helps fund the work of Acadia’s invasive plant management team that reduces the burden of non-native plants on park landscapes, enabling the park’s natural ecosystems to thrive.

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