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Tomorrow’s Stewards

Acadia National Park is a priceless gift, given to us through the foresight and effort of many individuals who cared about this place and sought to preserve it for future generations. As the fortunate recipients of this gift, today’s park stewards continue the work of protecting Acadia in order to pass it along undamaged to the next generation. And then—how can we inspire the next generation to carry on this legacy, far into the future? With studies showing that today’s youth spend less and less time outside and are more comfortable with digital technology than with nature, this task is increasingly urgent.

Friends of Acadia supports numerous programs and events that introduce today’s kids, teens, and young adults to the wonders of Acadia and the natural world, that develop their connections to the park, and that give them the tools and the motivation to become tomorrow’s stewards of this magnificent place.

For kids and their families:

Acadia Quest »

Volunteer Events »

For teens and young adults:

Acadia Youth Conservation Corps »

Acadia Digital Media Team »

Summit Stewards »

Recreation Technician »

For teachers and schools:

Acadia Teacher Fellows »

The Yellow Bus Fund »

Outdoor Classroom Grants »

How You Can Help
If you have children of any age in your life, make a commitment to spend time with them in nature on a regular basis. The best way to get kids to play outside is to play outside with them!