Carriage Roads Still too Soft for Snow Grooming

#SkiAcadia Update: The recent snow in the Acadia region definitely is helping a snow base form on the carriage roads, which will eventually allow forgrooming in the new year! However, for carriage road grooming to begin, the ground must be fully frozen with a snow base of 6 inches. This is because the heavy machines used for grooming can cause damage to the historic and wonderful resource that is the Acadia National Park carriage roads if the road bed is still soft.

If skiable snow falls before road conditions allow for grooming, we hope skiers will enjoy setting their own tracks in the park. If out skiing in the park, don’t forget to share on social media using #SkiAcadia.

When grooming does occur, updates will be posted on social media and our Instagram feed on home page and our Ski Acadia page.

Thank you in advance to our dedicated team of Acadia Winter Trails Association volunteer groomers who give many hours, often early in the morning and late at night, to create exceptional skiing and walking conditions on our beloved carriage roads each year.