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Benefit Patrons

Our greatest appreciation to the patrons of the 2015 Friends of Acadia Benefit. Their support makes our special event possible!

Benefactors’ Circle

Charles Butt
Tracy and Gifford Combs
Ruth and John Overton
Emily and Mitch Rales
Martie and Ed Samek
Allison and Stephen Sullens
Nonie and John Sullivan
Julia and Hans Utsch
Kim and Finn Wentworth
Lynne Wheat and Thomas Peterffy
Shelby White
Diana and Bill Wister


Ruth and Tris Colket
Ellie and Fred Ford
Genie and Will Thorndike
Maud and Jeffrey Welles
Cindy and Christopher Willis


Isabel and John Ed Anthony
Joanne Berwind
Deedie and Michael Bouscaren
Ildiko and Gilbert Butler
Evon and Thomas Cooper
Amy and Jay Crompton
Donna and Bill Eacho
Emily Frick
Anne and Jim Green
Sandy and Mark Kryder
Liz and Arthur Martinez
Mary McCall
Louisa and William Newlin
Joan and Paul Van der Grift


Brenda and Kelley Anderson
Bob Bell
Ann and Fred Benson
Marie and Gerald Berlin
Melissa and Perot Bissell
Patricia and Curtis Blake
Allison and Avery Bourke
Antoinette and Benjamin Brewster
Ellie and Bill Buchanan
Nancy and Duncan Burke
Gail and Ham Clark
Hannah and Tim Clark
Tanny Clark
Susanne Coffin
Jayme and Bryan Colket
Whitney Kroeger Connor and Philip
Connor IV
Jane and James Covington Jr.
Malinda and Alan Crain
Sunny Dupree
Margaret and Franck Duriez
Dianna & Ben Emory
Diane and John Fassak
Ann and Brooks Fenno
Leslie and Joe Fogg
Erica Forbes
Wendy and Walter Foulke
Marion and John Gay
Mazzie and Charlie Gogolak
Ellie and Temple Grassi
Carol and Richard Habermann
Laura and Berno Hamilton
Lynn and Stuart Janney
Elizabeth and Edward Johnson 3d
Hilary and Jan Kärst
Lydia Kimball
Susan and John Klein
Susan and Keith Kroeger
Kim and Michael Lawrie
Elisabeth and Peter Loizeaux
Jackie and John Lowe
Louise and Jim McCabe
Charlie Merriman
Martin Morad
Meredith and Phil Moriarty
Frank Moya
Janneke Seton Neilson
Ellanor and Russell Notides
Beverly and Peter Orthwein
Susan and Stephen Paneyko
Pamela and Malcolm Peabody
Gayle Peters
Daria and R. Anderson Pew
Lisa and Jay Pierrepont
Kathie Pontone and Mitch Kolkin
Diana and Roland Reynolds
Emma and Bill Roberts
Barbara and John Robinson
Deborah and Perry Robinson
Sydney Roberts Rockefeller
Diana Rowan Rockefeller
Judith Meyer Schultz
Terry Grace Sears and Richard Sears
Ellen and Robert Shafer
Jane and Dennis Shubert
Mary Ann and Mike Siklosi
Diana Davis Spencer
Natasha and Jay Steinle
George Strawbridge
Joan and David Szkutak
Courtney and Ben Thompson
Cynthia and Richard Urfer
Cody and Christiaan van Heerden
Robin and Paul Vermylen
Kathleen Vignos
Anne and Robert Walmsley
Ariane Wellin
Ann Marie and John Weston
Barbara and Bill Whitman
Sydney and Jonathan Winthrop
Anna and Charles Woodward
Patricia Wright

A special thank you to Lynne Wheat & Thomas Peterffy for hosting the Patron Preview Party on Wednesday, August 5 at Mainstay.

To learn more about the Friends of Acadia Annual Benefit Patron Program, contact Shawn Keeley at 207-288-3340 or