Make an Auto-Renewing Donation

Trailblazers make ongoing monthly, quarterly, or annual gifts to Friends of Acadia through their credit card or bank account. Trailblazers’ gifts go further, saving paper and postage costs by eliminating renewal requests.

Be a Trailblazer for Acadia

Support Friends of Acadia with an auto-renewing gift. Becoming a Trailblazer confirms your ongoing commitment to Acadia National Park and strengthens our ability to plan long term for Acadia’s future. It’s also supremely convenient.

Your Trailblazer gift will be processed on a date and recurring schedule of your choosing – be that monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Every January, we’ll send a letter acknowledging your total giving for the past year with gratitude for your help protecting Acadia all year long. You can change the amount of your gift or opt-out of the program at any time.

How Your Donation Helps

We work with Acadia National Park to identify places and projects where Friends of Acadia’s effective mix of philanthropy, volunteerism, innovative leadership, and strong partnerships will most benefit the park’s critical needs. We are guided by a long-term strategic plan with four focus areas. Learn more here.

Friends of Acadia is registered to raise funds in all states that require charitable registration. See CHARITABLE REGISTRATION DISCLOSURES for states such as Florida that require us to list their disclosure language statements.