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Wild Acadia

With its bold coasts, bright skies, and clear waters, Acadia National Park is one of America’s most visited national parks. But there is a delicate balance between providing access to visitors and protecting the spectacular natural resources that draw them here. Human impacts both from inside and outside the park put continual pressure on Acadia’s wild habitats and landscapes.

Long-term and sustainable natural resource protection will require an array of tools—public outreach and education, restoration work, and research projects. Friends of Acadia supports a multifaceted set of programs and initiatives that will ensure that the park’s natural resources are protected for today’s visitors and the many millions who will visit in the years to come.

Acadia Land Legacy »
Conserving lands in and adjacent to Acadia

Acadia Watersheds »
Restoring aquatic habitats

Invasive Plant Management »
A helping hand for native species

Night Skies »
Protecting and celebrating Acadia’s nighttime splendor

Peregrine Falcon/Hawk Watch »
Raptor research and education

Wild Gardens of Acadia »
Showcasing Acadia’s uniquely varied native plant communities