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Winter Use Packing List

Winter Use Packing List

Packing the appropriate gear, wearing the right clothing and planning ahead can make all the difference for a safe and enjoyable experience for your winter visit to Acadia National Park.

Insulated Winter Boots

Warm boots with a good tread are essential to help prevent slipping even on dry ground, but especially on wet or icy surfaces.

Waterproof Outer Layer

Non-cotton Layers allow for adjustments as your body heats up or cools
down with changes in activity. A wind-proof, waterproof outer layer is essential.

Ice Cleats / Microspikes

There are patches of ice on nearly every trail. Bring ice cleats microspikes for your boots.

Snow Pants / Gaiters

Hiking pants or thick leggings are great for a mild winter day’s exploration, but you’ll need thermal clothing especially if you want to play in the white stuff. Gaiters help keep snow from getting into boots.

Warm Hat, Scarf, Gloves & Mittens

A good thick hat will help keep the winter wind out of your ears and help keep in your body heat. Warm gloves are essential too.

Refillable Water Bottle

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Keep water deep
inside your pack to prevent freezing. Hydration system water lines left exposed can freeze up.

Sun Protection

Sun screen, lip balm, brimmed hats, sunglasses or goggles
help with intense reflections off the snow and water. You
can get a sunburn even on a cloudy day and especially with
sunlight reflecting off snow.

Nutricious Snacks

You’ll be surprised
how many calories you can burn doing winter activities. You need fuel to help keep up your energy.

Hiking / Ski Poles

These help maintain
traction and balance. Snow baskets attached at the bottom help prevent
the poles from sticking too deep into the snow.

Survival Items

The list includes a headlamp, extra batteries, matches or
lighter, space blanket or bivvy sack, small first aid kit, twine, duct tape, and a pocket knife. Consider carrying a small insulated pad for sitting to insulate you from the ground